Wednesday, September 17, 2014

late night drive, i hit a strange close encounter like light as a crew of workmen work on the road next to a huge rock, it's surreal as the silhouetted figures swarm the rock and road like ants. the scene is drenched in blue light and deep ruby flashing strobe, a small area drenched in a tight spot and i gaze out the windscreen with my nose stuck to the glass looking up at it all. 
the cars crawl past. the work men seem to know what they are doing, looking industrious moving in some sort of slow motion as though the gravity is different out there in the night, it all looks to messy for me, i lean back and listen to neil finn singing a song that reminds me of john lennon, stars pass overhead, so far away i feel lost. stuck on earth with all these people.
inside me a silent scream, 'i'm a child of the stars, come and get me.'
trapped in my skin, in my bone bag, the night speeds up, and the traffic moves forwards, my speed increases into flow, heading home, the homes, the families, those strange units of human linking up like a society, suburbs sprawled, trees bending in the alien night breeze, lurching forwards out from the dark.
i see each tree has a face, ancient personality, tree spirits and elemental forces are out tonight, they make themselves known to me, but i'm in no mood to play. i turn the corner and follow the road home, don't look in the mirror mission, just get home, safe and sound, close that door, bolt the locks. i'm nearly there, over the bridge, off the main road, onto the dirt track, it's a strange hidden road that leads to the moon at the end of my street, libertaria, i drive over the moat and pull up by the door. 
i'm inside before the night ghosts can chase me down, i'm home, and it's good.     

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