Monday, September 29, 2014

terrible beach packed out with a crowd from hades, kids running around shrieking like lost imps, girls scream out after belligerent boys, mums trying to look glamourous juggling towels, bags, sunscreen and bottles of water and offspring, surfer boys catch the wave. me i'm just driving by, stop for a pineapple. i stick my knife into it and start hacking away, some one watches me sculpt it into edible pieces. 
'mummy why didn't he just buy a can?'
'shhhh, don't stare, i think that's captain mission.'
chewing on a hunk of a pineapple i let that sweet juice wash down my neck, quenching this ridiculous thirst.
it's a glorious day, sun beating down, burning up the epidermis's of a population, blistering skin, eyes frazzled and pop like champagne corks while i just contemplate bone breathing. i find a spot for a quick smoke. 
later i'm pottering around hacking away at renegade tiger grass, covered in sweat, pulling up some clumps of weeds and dead branches of alien trees that have appeared overnight in the wake of a passing comet. these mutated branches are not earthly, they are covered in scales and pulse with a deep throbbing as some foreign energy makes it's way through them, from the roots to the strange tendrils of leaves. even my clippers can't cut them, but i put my back into the task and rip them away bare handed like a savage. the tiger grass laughs at my antics. 
later i'm down at the buddha garden drinking coffee, under tall bamboo. flicking through my books, jeff vandermeer's final volume of his southern reach trilogy, the magnificent acceptance. what an incredible book, so perfectly written, the best trilogy i have ever read, a profoundly brilliant series of novels that will blow your mind as well as impress you greatly in style, and just narrative and structural brilliance, he has good editors and is a masterful writer.  
and presently i fall to the moment and this 'now', the day has only just begun but feels like it's finished, i've been awake since sun rise. now there's only the surf and sunset.  

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