Sunday, September 21, 2014

i'm travelling light, listening to an interview with salman rushdie, he's talking about the satanic verses and it's consequences. 
'they burn books first, then they start burning people,' he says.
i turn the channel, there's a lady talking about a book about bees, and bee reproduction. my mind floats backwards a day, wilde child and i wandering through some spontaneous market. we stop at the cottage industry honey stall, they even have a small hive. the honey tastes fantastic, otherworldly, it's divine. i look at the honey comb, what an incredible intricate divine design. i'm stunned by the whole bee complex system, how they pollinate, how they work, bee society, the fact the end product is honey with a byproduct of beeswax, how honey has such diversity, taste dependant upon the type of flower in the 'hood. so many facts discussed, the queen rules the hive, the idea of the super organism, hive minds efficiency, the hedonistic life of the male  designed only for one purpose, impregnation of the princess. i ponder weather libertaria could use a beehive set up, it would be really fascinating although pan may not like the idea. 
i chat with wilde childe about my bush turkey problem. they seem fearless and so far all my tactics to modify their behaviours have failed. the potato gun only serves as a high velocity feeder, yeah they eat the ammo. i buy something called a nerf gun, 'don't hurt them,' wilde childe says.
'nerf set for stun.'
i turn the radio off, my head feels like it's filled up with to many info packs, i should be driving home, instead i'm outward bound.

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