Thursday, October 02, 2014

what i really need is a hovercraft or luxurious blimp from which i can transverse the distances without being stuck at traffic lights, perhaps a teleportation device and a can of fly spray.
there's plenty of light today, sunglasses and refracting images, i notice the amount of glass and screens, how barriers restrict vision, doors windows, curtains, everything constructed in line of sight made by humans must effect our relationship with our horizons. once upon a time we had the horizon ever present unless obstructed by nature, man had a relationship with it. no matter how far he travelled across the land towards that line, it was always there reminding us of our connection to this sphere and therefore the space it orbits, looking at the stars, the moon and sun we could not help but be connected to universal forces.
it follows there must be psychological influence, we relax, the body follows a natural rhythm, the brain stops crunching pointless numbers and eases into what it was designed for, the heart beat slows down to a natural order. man has a relationship with horizon, surfers know this, sailors know this and the captain knows this. horizons tabulate our positions in some secret geometries, we can configure the angle but also the angels, somewhere, over the horizon.   

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