Monday, October 20, 2014

t'was a blustery day when old captain mission found himself raiding the kitchen cupboards for some maluka honey, it's unfathomable where it all goes, he thunked to himself aloud.
trusty hound dog pan looked at him sheepishly, face tilted slightly away, eye's looking at the old captains face. 
just then there was a knock at the door.
'who could that be pan, it's far to early for visitors.'
at the door stood ghost lemur. 'sorry to trouble you, but we have a problem in the garden that requires some attention.'
'in the garden, mmm, sounds like i may need to put my boots on.'
mission followed ghost along the trail at the side of mission control around the cactus plants to the tropical garden where the tall sunflowers bent under the wind, the massive leaves of the elephant plants shivered and shuddered, the banana palms and ferns danced. on the small patch of grass stood libertaria's mortal enemy, the dreaded bush turkey.
he looked defiantly as he stomped around, digging up the ground, scratching and squealing like a hideous demonic beast. 
the captain reached for his trusty weapon but in haste he had forgotten it, the creature spread it's horrible wings and mocked the friends with a loud guttural laugh, 'you pussies, ha ha ha!'
ghost looked at the captain for an answer, pan weaved behind him peering out from my legs. i looked around for a stick or anything i could throw at this predatory beast from hades. 
it spread it's wings again, like one of hose birds that stole bridget bardot in the cave man movie. and then to compound the situationalist nightmare two smaller bush turkey's flew down. babies!
we stood our ground, 'you can't intimidate us with your anarchist attitudes and violent indifference towards cultivating sanctuary,' mission says proudly.
the birds fall about laughing, almost like those crows in walt disney films. 
mission expects them to burst into a song, some wretched tune about poor old captain mission taking on the turkey's but suddenly there's a flurry of activity, some burst of colour and the turkeys are under attack from three pairs of parrots, two black cockatoo's and some kookaburras.
it happens so fast ghost, pan and mission step back in surprise.
'ha, take that heffalumps and woozles.'
in a matter of moments there's only a few black feathers laying upon the grass and no other signs of the dreadful prehistoric creatures.
mission wanders past and notices the dragon sitting atop a rock, 'morning mission, i see you have the situation under control.'
'morning dragon, yeah, but you better watch out, it's going to be a blustery old day.'
dragon scurries away, his red belly flashes.
one by one the creatures return to their homes, mission and trusty companion pan return to the kitchen.
now what are we going to do about the maluka situation,' the captain says to himself.



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