Monday, October 13, 2014

there's a crunching under my feet and i notice the tide has brought with it billions of bluebottle jelly fish, all dried up and forming a blue ribbon on the coastline, all the way along, glistering like discarded jewellery or crystals. there must be billions of them, these suckers have ripped into me hundreds of times, left me scared all over, arms legs, face and chest but i've built up an immunity to them, thanks to my apple cider vinegar they stay out of my way nowadays. some creatures you make pacts with, some you repel with other means.
this early morning surf is messy, lot's of chop, white water turbulence so i splash around, feeling my heart pounding, my skin tingles with some sort of soft shock, there's only an old man out there with me, he's wearing a wet suit and holding flippers, 'don't worry about the bluebottles, they won't bite.'
i smile and dive in.
i'm dissatisfied with my coffee, it's not great but i scan the paper, what a load of shit, i wish i never read it. the waitress asks where i have been all winter, 'hibernating,' i say.
i stop off at the pet shop supplies, have to restock, dog, bird, lizard and fish food. my fish need an upgrade in their diets to a very expensive japanese brand, fucking can you believe it, these fish are eating gourmet fish food, better food than me. my fish and pond man says they require this special food as they are showing symptoms of some sort of vitamin deficiency, what can i do, these fish depend on me. 
i crash out on the sofa for an hour, i watch the plants grow, i watch clouds roll by, i wait for the rain, a beautiful martin kennedy piano plays through mission control, everything feels good so i bake a cake, a lumberjack cake. i pull it out of the oven and it begins to rain.
what happened to the day, it flew by like a dream. 

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