Monday, October 13, 2014

in my frontal lobe quantum highway, the be bop deluxe jazz messenger is constructing a jungle made from ideas in the form of m waves and c foam, each insignificant bubble is its own universe and every unique wave is it's own god. there are no mistakes, no anomalies, no glitches or ghosts. there is no tension, no conflict, no discord in the mote of each and every atom. they never crash or collide. they are bursting out from one another like the sun itself, radiating at frequencies beyond light.

my garden grows, it blooms explosions of colours and form, technology free, this is life, abundant and rich. sustaining life sustains life. air, water, light and care, love spreads through the fronds of luxurious palms, through the root systems of subterranean ecology, through the photosynthesis in biological exchange, within energy fields, a stimulating pheromone release.

in my quiet confidence i flick through david cronenberg's novel, 'consumed,' it reads like his films, like burroughs meets ballard, where technology corrupts the human spirit, changes it physically into some new pathology, the consuming desire, for air, for water, for attention, for machine. man is married to technology, man fucks technology, technology has man by the balls, man eats technology, man becomes technology, can he transcend?
idea! is it art when technology creates art? 
idea! what happens when 3d printers start printing 3d printers?
i like cronenberg's writing style, he turns technology into pornography, creates a desire for sleek nikon digital cameras with optical perfection, for sony, canon, panasonic recorders, lenses become sexual organs, the main two characters meet in airports, fleetingly leaving messages for one another about new products they share a passion for, they are detached from one another, from almost everything they seem to encounter, living in a removed world emerged in technology and it's side effects. this book reminds me of 'crash' which looks at the sexual side effects of automobile accidents, cronenberg pulls us further into the world of sexual anomaly and reconfigured biology as it responds to the collision between sex and technology. like ballard he creates new pathology, new neurotic physiology and what appears familiar landscape transforms into the horrors of need.


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