Wednesday, October 08, 2014

the ecology moves through us, a big ocean of life as represented by baphomet the true symbol of gaia, of planetary consciousness. in ye olde days the church assumed the symbol was evil, associated with the devil or black magick, they all operated with a closed system and many people were either burnt, drowned or tortured for association. the most famous being the knights templers, who while in jerusalem discovered the big picture, through some kabbalist druids. 

it's easy to make the wrong assumption about a symbol, look at the swastika, hijacked by extremists, stolen from some cool monks from tibet and though the symbol remains the same, the meaning changes, sometimes it evolves. those that have a belief in gaia should look to baphomet, for here we have the earliest symbol of planetary intelligence, of organic holistic union, and old eliphas levi understood this which is why he incorporated it into his magical systems. it's a singularity that contains the binary universe, the wording SOLVE and COALGULA meaning 'separate' and 'join together' are inscribed upon the arms. 
it's time to reclaim the symbol and not fear it.  

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