Monday, October 06, 2014

a window of opportunity presents itself and i see the movie 'gone girl' at the cinema. i have the book, it's on a very large pile of unread books that i am attempting to diminish but it's just getting larger the harder i try diminishing. 
i'd somehow avoided all knowledge of this book / film despite the extensive talk about it that comes down the line. 
so i sat there at the back in a very crowded cinema watching this strange film which went on to break all the rules in story telling, it is fantastic as a thriller but also as a look at relationships, marriage and love. there's an implausibility about it but none the less it hooked me, and i watched this play out on the screen like you would an old black and white movie, or like a movie  hitchcock may have made if he had another life. i gotta say although i don't rate the lead guy ben afflek but in this he is brilliantly cast as is everyone else in the cast perfect in their respective roles. 
i don't want to talk about it to much for fear of spoiling the plot. i think it's best you see it with a blank canvass and see what you make of it. it stayed with me for days. 

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