Sunday, August 31, 2014

'green rapture, omegendorph, polydichloric euthimal, tetrameth, synthmesc, slurm, can d, chew z, jj 180, narkidrine, p- tabs, hyrogen ether, melange, sapho juice, jaspers delight, curious yellow, somatic ss, prozium, nepenthe, shatter, dyler 1000, mdt-48, diffuse, crystal zone, quicken, gain, somnabsolute, nevermind, cake mix, smithereen...'
'wait go back.'
'cake, smith...'
'before cake.'
'yeah, what's the story.'
she pulls out the small vial from the case from which she has pointed out almost the entire contents. 
it's transparent but not the same density as water, i watch it swirl in the vial, a cross between mercury and purple haze. i unscrew the top and bring it under my nose, slowly drawing in the odour, faintly reminiscent of...mmm, that's strange it's familiar but i can't place it, it's on the tip of my tongue for a moment and then is swallowed up into an ocean of forgetfulness. 
'i've never heard of this before.'
'it's from a captain mission short story.'
i have to smile, but i'm not sure quite what to say.
'sounds just what i need.'
'be careful, you just drop it under the tongue. one drop only, it's unused outside of the story.'
'any side effects in that story?'
'undoubtedly there will be.'
'how did you get it?'
'trade secret.'
she takes my cash and starts tiding up her case, rearranging everything into respective positions, her hair shines, she looks so efficient, businesslike. i wonder what she likes to indulge in.
'do you use any of these?'
a smile breaks through her professionalism, as if that's the question she has been waiting for. i'm sitting down and now she stands over me, 'no, i never use anything. i think it's awfully bad practice for a dealer to indulge don't you?'
'yeah, i guess it makes sense but how do you know your product.'
'chemistry mission, i am a professor of neural chemistry, it's all in the science.'
'mmm, i'm skeptical about science.'
'you just invested in it.'
outplayed, suddenly i like her, i'm finding attractive elements about her, that incredible shine in her hair, her fingers, that aura of confidence. 
'i'll see myself out mission, let me know how you go.'
i end up escorting her to the car, it's a range rover epoque, white, immaculate. she gets in and i wave goodbye.
i place the vial in my fridge along with various other nefarious substances. 
time passes, days fall into weeks, weeks turn to months and everytime i open my fridge i see the vial, it's there sitting next to the bottle of nomadic pollen, it's always there in place no matter the changes to my fridge contents the vial remains the same. i wonder why i have not tried it, never mind.   


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