Monday, August 04, 2014

i drive through the rising dawn, watch the black night draw down a blue day, the highway empty stretching out, i head north in some sort of conquistador overdrive, into the frontier. 
home, what a fantastic feeling to be home again.
the shower hits me, pummelled by hot water, i come alive again.
the door bangs, it taken my karmic broker ages to arrange a visits, she's let herself in and stands on my shag rug flicking through a book on hindu love gods.
it's good to see her, we kiss, hug and kiss again. 
'mission, very nice place you have, now what's a girl have to do to get a latte around here.'
'come, sit down, i'll fix you.'
we wander into the lounge where she spills the contents of her case on my floor, glossy brochures, papers and a lipstick pack, some keys and a few pens and a sexy looking mobile phone. 
i make some coffee.
'so what you doing here?'
'i have some documents for you to sign.'
when i sit down i flick through the paperwork, she's stuck some yellow tabs where i need to make my mark. i scrawl my signature across the pages, 'what's all this about.'
'money management mission,' she fires back at me, 'you need to get things in order.'
I must look disappointed.
She hands me the coloured brochure, 'read this, it's all straightforward.' 
My face must give my thoughts away, 'jesus, i'll never open this let alone read it.'
she flicks through it carefully showing me the tables and graphs, my karma looks good, she tells me how to invest some here, some there, i nod my head and start falling asleep.
'come on, i'll take you for a drive.'
the car is a sporty one, it's got spoilers and slots over the bonnet. the windows tinted and when i sit down the seats are like the seats of a space ship.
acceleration pulls my body into the mould, i can feel the engine in my bones. torque as the turbo kicks in, and then next thing i know we are parking in terrible beach.
the ocean looks fantastically vivid, electric blue against a bright yellow sand. we drink iced coffee and sit in the sun.
'so, i'm sorted karma wise.'
'yeah, sorted, it's all growth.'
i feel happy. yeah real happy.


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