Sunday, August 03, 2014

took some time out on a train north, looking at small towns pass me by, sporadic bursts of human activities, monuments and towers but mostly bushland, rivers, the ocean. way up the northern coast line, i had my head buried in my book some of the time, sometimes i dozed into a deep train sleep, mostly just looked out of the window at the wonderful landscape.
i got as far as maitland and came home, watching a vibrant rich red sun hanging low over the horizon, the splendour of being so far away from everything touched me deeply, i felt the rays warm my skin and penetrate, their energy pass through my bones, i dreamed them inside my corpuscles and let them become me, like the days of old. 
somehow i ended up having dinner with wild childe, some late night noodles, some gourmet hot chocolate in a crowded noisy cafe. i told her some of my escapades, some tales about the past life. she laughed because i was wearing my pyjamas, extremely unfashionable, trying to be serious, in trendy towns, just having a laugh. 

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