Friday, August 01, 2014

of heaven i remember the world of man, it was an illusion of density, causing much pain and suffering from which the escape routes were closed to many. religion had contaminated spirituality, just like politics contaminates freedom. 
i abandoned all known causes of man's memetic pollution of eden, i wandered through forest fern and orchid, the woodland creatures showed me the way, the oceanic forces healed my wounds, the cosmic powers attuned my minds eye, the spiritual world knows war and battle to but it is fought in a purity where one really does love thy enemy. 
i remember the fear, the sickness, the hate, the perpetual cycles of history repeating itself over and over until all one could see was the blood, no telling from who it came, man woman, child, pagan, fascist, communist, libertarian. there would be no kingdom on earth until one finds the kingdom within. 
i remember the words of the sages who penetrated this veil of tears, they sang it out for us to join in harmonies and joyous raptures. 

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