Monday, August 25, 2014

nice little burst of direct sunlight, snorted through the skin, pure gold light running through my lymphatic system, oxytocin tidal wave. my dealer gives me what i need, she's looking pretty chilled out herself in a faux fur coat and bat skin pants, glammed up like an decadent heiress looking for a cheap thrill in a west berlin art gallery.
'you okay, those crazy fucking druids you like sent me over to check on you.'
'yeah, yeah i'm turning into an old misanthropic reclusive joker, can't even take myself seriously.'
'well mission it's about time for me to go, have you got any thing you want me to take back.'
'no nothing, just tell them i was not home, missing in action, absent without leave.'
'you know those crazy guys will ask after you?'
i sit back sucking in some nice velvety spliff smoke, the short burst of summer is passing, i force my mind into the moment.
'just send love and light.'
'fuck off mission, you have no light left, and don't get me started on love.'
'well just send them my best wishes then.'
she smiles in that sort of 'check' smile, 'you don't have any wishes left mission, you are wished out.'
'ah it's better than being washed up hey?'
i slip outta check but it's only a matter of time, you know how it is with these exotic bored goddesses, they got you by the balls and the brains.
we laugh, as if she's read my mind.
'you know you're the first person i have actually spoken to outside of work for weeks.' 
'soak it up.'
is she referring to the sun or herself. my slow mechanisms churn over in the ambiguity, like quicksand of the mind. i'm bewildered and uncertain of what to say.
'tick tock tick tock...' she whispers, red lips like some space enigma. 
i'm sinking into the sofa, the permutations flashing through my skull like a geiger counter, has she turned into a clock, is she referring to me and her, is she actually suggesting that time is running out. 
i can't be certain but i think the last option escapes my lips and i vocalise it.
god, those legs look incredible, and my mind is jelly, did i smoke to much, am i loosing my senses.
'i'm sorry, i was just soaking it up, it's not everyday i get visitors. especially ones so glamorous.'
ouch! that smirk was condescending, she put me in my place, if things here were any more awkward i'd be in a surreal hugh grant movie. 
the sun disappears behind a cloud and the temperature drops significantly. she wraps the coat around her, leans towards me and takes the joint that is burning in my hand. 
'so will you be okay, i will return.'
i'm about to ask when but she puts her lips in a electrifying proximity to my ear and whispers, 'sooner than you think.'
my eye's close, the day fades away, it get's cold fast. 

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