Wednesday, December 17, 2014

what can you say about the events in sydney.
i was at that coffee shop a week ago, 9am with a client about to meet a barrister, my head in the paper while my client was looking at all the different chocolates on display.
it was nondescript, expensive place i thought, indulgence for the city folk. 
all it takes is some islamic nut job with a grudge and an isis flag to bring the city to its knees, 'under siege' they said. 
instead of one single kill shot the police waited it out, media swarmed. outside hundreds of social media idiots took photographs of themselves, the politicians made speeches wondering what this person wanted although to me it was obvious.
if you go into a place and take hostages with a gun and a black flag you are not protesting about the fracking issue in the nsw countryside, but what do i know. 
so instead of killing the guy, the tactical response people waited around until it was dark, then they stormed in after hearing a shot and people got killed and injured.
the next day every one ignores the islamic angle, and focuses on being friends with muslims in the community by creating twitter feeds and hash tags to support them. admirable but foolish, i mean apart from the idiot bogon on a bus who shouts abuse anyway? 
there's never a community backlash. i mean the community in australia are pretty decent as it happens. 
an experiment ran by sydney university hoping to expose the racist  australian public backfired a month ago. the student dressed in a hijab was insulted by actors, while the film crew waited to see what these horrible australian racists would do. how disappointed when every random passerby they tested actually intervened in defence of the hijab wearing student. how very unfortunate for those who who like divisive attitudes to fit a narrow group think. 
i wonder what the taliban must think of these hash taggers when they went into a pakistani skool and massacred the children deliberately without mercy this morning i wonder what the boko hiram nut-jobs think when feminists decide to start a tweet campaign for a week 'bring back our girls.'
'whose girls are they now mrs obama?'
i wonder what happens when people pour out their compassion for the perpetrators instead of the victim. i'm no expert in human behaviour but i imagine it just encourages more nonsense from nut-jobs with a cause. manufactured compassion is the driving force behind social media, it's dangerous and dumb. it's so far removed from compassion it's become obvious to almost everyone outside the group think mind.

update- someone informed me that the police didn't shoot him due to the fact he had explosives in his bag. i guess that's fair enough, but they still went in shooting, so there's a inescapable paradox here. another point raised was the police have various legal procedural issues that hold them accountable for mistakes, which is another good point. this is why the hostages end up challenging the kidnappers usually, which is what seemed to have happened inside the cafe leading to the climax. 
if this is the case one must ask the questions why have a police force anyway?
to fine speeding drivers?
i don't know what the answer is but everyone seems complicit in these situations and everyone is a victim, including the muslim community who are reasonable good natured citizens. 
there should be a way out, a way for all people to just start again but we seem trapped in this weird fundamentalist war that spirals around us all dragging us all into the vortex, dimensions become confused, right and wrong are suddenly wrong and right depending on your point of reference. humanity has to come up with an elegant solution to this one but the enemy from where i am is not interested in solutions. this springs to mind:

some men just want to watch the world burn.

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