Wednesday, December 17, 2014

she's snapping her fingers in front of my eyes, i seem to emerge into myself, environment shock runs down my spine, i seem a little unnerved, my eyes scan, brain computing at quantum speed, 'spyders, how did i get back here?'
misty's fingers stop dancing in front of my face and she gives me an ambiguous look, 'flow baby, you took a hit, what do you think?'
the empty vial lays on the table.
'how long was i out?'
'no time, in flow. it's instantaneous, from where i was it was a blink of an eye.'
'what's the neurological profile on this stuff?'
'baby i'm just the saleswoman, but, i've heard stories.'
'you better elaborate on that because i just had an experience.'
'did you meet the minotaur?'
'geoffrey, yes, yes i did, in a bar.'
'and he made you a drink correct?'
'yeah, how do you know that?'
'it's the space flow takes you, a shared experience by all users, they meet the minotaur, in le bar inn.'
'i was with...' i search through the haze towards the bar, 'her.'
'that's because i sold her a vial to, she must have had a hit the same time you did.'
'but we...'
'look the intricacies are unknown, all i know is that flow-ers reach this le bar inn and meet geoffrey. i don't touch the stuff so i wouldn't have experience first hand. anyway, i have two vials left, do you want them?'
'yeah, i'll take both of them.'
misty leaves two glass vials in my palm and i watch her leave once more. i wait until she's gone and then push my way through the crowd towards the bar where audrey is mixing a drink, she turns to greet me, 'it's mission isn't it?'
'yeah audrey, it is.' 

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