Thursday, December 18, 2014

events conspire, random access generator puts me in a new landscape where natives are friendly. respite for two days before a new battle with solicitors, barristers and a nasty ex manager looking for revenge. another day at the office. no wonder the mentally ill have mental illness, what the fuck is all this?

anyway's onwards i journey through thick and thin, through the soils of conflict and the spoils of war. my shoulder throbs with an acute injury from surf, my garden is filling with weeds, my dog is upsetting the neighbour watch with nocturnal prowling and raids. 
'well don't put fucking sausages in the wheelie bin.'

the sun comes up, late afternoon, no mojo for shopping mall, the silly season up at the kwiki mart is the violent and aggressive season as people go to war over car spots, queues double back upon themselves and nerves are frayed.
i did manage to catch the film, 'the man from coxs river' made by russell and amy. it's been getting loads of praise and selling out at the independent cinemas, i wanted to see it months ago but never managed. it's really good, really good. and i think it's a great xmas present for australians to send to people overseas. it captures the australian spirit that i love plus it's not a surfing movie. everyone's sick of me sending surf movies so this may be a welcome surprise.

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