Wednesday, December 03, 2014

the description defies me in terms of taste, it was more impressionistic but i could almost perceive the mint, cinnamon and hint of honey, the strange imbued mixture of tangerine and vanilla but then came a series of images, soft fluffy white clouds, colorful birds singing in chorus and dandelions, which seemed to appear magnified as the spores left their home and floated on a casual breeze like nonchalant abstractions. i could see magnificent flowers blooming in slow time, feel wonderful expanses of gentle lakes and glorious verdant hills. there were soft whispers, the hint of a gentle free spirit haunted my inner sequences and  there was the idea of freedom and femininity unbounded. i let it enter me as audrey slowly intoxicated me like a wave of sensual pleasure, fluttering and most of all safe. it didn’t pass slowly but undulated away in lesser incremental waves, and i completely and utterly surrendered to her.
she was staring at me.
‘fuck audrey, you taste fucking amazing.’
she smiled and took the drink from me, placing her mouth to the ornate straw i watched her cheeks sucking slightly and her eyes light up, ‘mmm, yummy.’
‘that’s incredible, i think you just blew my mind.’
audrey’s teeth appear as she grins, ‘well you can’t have any more unless you share your drink.’
‘i’m afraid i feel it will be an anti climax, probably taste of flat warm watered down beer.’
her eyes sparkled, ‘we will see mission.’
the light in the room seems unnaturally fresh almost clean, the whites seem to sparkle and gleam as though virgin pure, the floor looks immaculate and the surfaces are all highly polished. we seem to be the only people in the whole bar. 
i peer further into the rooms and almost make out another, ‘what’s down there audrey?’
‘i don’t know. we could have a look.’
‘yeah let’s just have a look. come with me for a moment.’
hand in hand we walk through into a darker room that is set off to the side and slightly sunken. we seem to step into a glowing light, and as we progress further i see it’s source but it’s absurd. 
the fish tank takes up the whole wall, built in like a huge plasma tv set, and as we push our faces onto the glass we watch the array of fish swim past in the strange purple light. 
these are not just tropical fish they are huge, clownfish, tetras, manta rays, massive moon jellyfish, squid and suddenly i step back, ‘fuck!’
‘what what’s wrong?’
‘did you see that, over there,’ i point behind some colossal towering column of seaweed, ‘keep your eye about 2 meters of the way up from the bottom, something is hiding behind...’
‘oh my!’
we both step backwards as the mermaid darts up from behind the seaweed and swirls around dolphin like doing a series of loops and twirls, a tiny little vortex trail behind her, hair flowing like a blazing trail behind a comet.
‘she’s beautiful,’ audrey says, ‘i've never seen one before. very sexy.’
‘audrey it’s a mermaid, they don’t exist.’
‘mmm, that’s a funny thing to say don’t you think?’
‘well... they are mythological, it’s gotta be a joke, some sort of practical joke.’
‘she looks very real to me, look at her tail.’
sure enough the mermaids tail was as real a fishtail as i’ve ever seen. i scanned it looking for a fault line, it seamlessly was part of her body, the lower half being scale, the upper, a pale human flesh. her hair was red and now floated above her in the current as she hovered in front of us separated by a sheet of glass and a tank of water she didn’t seem at all self conscious about her nakedness, as i looked upon her breasts. 
we stepped forwards and audrey suck out her hands, i followed her lead and the mermaid reached out and placed her hand over ours. i smiled.
it was a mermaid, in a tank in a bar in sydney.

the union lasted a couple of minites and the mermaid eventually swam away out of sight. after that, the exotic fish seemed a disappointment. i watched a school of neon tetras swim around and then we returned to the table, just in time for there was geoffrey approaching the table carrying a tray with my drink. 

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