Monday, December 08, 2014

dreams of transistor radios blasting out of fragile windows, ('lot of rock and roll,' he said.) dreams of spherical music planetary vibrations, the salvation frequency, oscillation meditation, naked truth compounds perplexing lies in a paradox of real life.
i saw the great wizard parade in the shadow of a witches serenade, songs of non- chance and casting, the beating of drums, the banging of bells, the strange chanting enchantment of tango toned guitars in secret melody with piano. i tried hard to find my voice but it was either silenced by constriction or drowned out by the presence of sound. i let the white noise engulf me, i let the illogical process distract me, i pushed my mind through the colander of reason only to find it was strained.
the mad procession of outcasts and misfits, the band of gypsies, the mighty weight of history sewn into their jackets and hats, some blew trumpets heralding...something arrives.
then the creative chaos lifted like a sea mist and i found myself in british navel quarters, 1710 dressed in my uniform about to receive my captaincy.
'lieutenant mission, it gives me great pleasure to bestow upon you her majesties blah blah blah and promote you to the rank of captain.'
that was the moment i fell into my own self, arrived at my body. they gave me a ship, a crew and a mission. but by then i was already questioning empire, questioning the crown, the law, the war and it's conquest. 
i remember now as the dreams unfolded each mystery, they wanted me to raid the spanish as we sailed not far from the coast of africa and the indies, they wanted me to sail in an unmarked ship, with a non navel crew, subterfuge, to throw the enemies into chaos, plunder their gold and return it to the crown. 
i was the first commissioned terrorist endorsed by the british and french crown. i had my duty.
but the ocean is a strange beast, and my ship had an extensive library upon my orders, and on those long voyages between conflict and acts of barbarism and brutality i read and encouraged the crew to broaden their horizons, discuss and debate their duty. 
for we were all slaves of the navy, slaves of the past, slaves of history, slaves of our own choosing and slowly our minds became liberated. but it wasn't until we met the vine cult we understood. sometimes the indigenous population, the ungodly savages have lessons for us civilised fools, sometimes wisdom hides where we least expect it.
i put to the crew we no longer serve the english or any nation or ideology, other than liberation, freedom and a true equality amongst men and women alike. anyone who sailed with us would receive equal bounty, any one who refused would be let off at nearest land. and we would take back the treasures from any ship with a nations flag, for the nations had robbed all of us cross border alike. we were united not by flag but by a righteous claim to be free. 
but we must have a flag under which we fly, a flag that represents an idea not a nation but the opposite, and we chose the black flag.
and we must have a name that bounds us together, and we chose the name pyrates.
and we must have a place upon land from which we can establish out eden, and we found libetaria on the madagascar coast.
and in the dream i gazed upon a harmonious inlet of healthy mixed races, all happy people, working together, the children free and unashamed as they ran naked towards the wonderful lagoons, the women unbound by gender inequality, the men respectful warriors who all hungered for knowledge and arts, some made beautiful music, some painted, some wrote poems and preformed them for others. in my dream i saw eden. 
but when we warred, we plundered deep. we spilt only necessary blood for we knew that even our enemy was enslaved by their military machines. 
libertaria had more gold and treasure than any nation and we distributed it equally, and stashed it in secret places for we knew they would come looking, hunt us down and hang every last one of us.
we were slippery, masters of stealth, masters of chameleon espionage, our men and women undercover in kings and queens courts, infiltrating the navy, we knew every move before they made it but still they came, it was only a matter of time, but before they came we would live free and die free.
i opened my eyes, and looked at the sleeping audrey, she lay there in tranquility and i wondered if she dreamed like me.


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