Sunday, December 07, 2014

can't say i enjoyed the taste at all, bitter and foul were the words that sprung to mind, i looked at geoffrey who still stood over me. 'jesus man, this is foul.'
'quite unpleasant i would imagine...' geoffrey said, then added, ' first. i'd give it a moment.'
audrey watched my face go through the motions of disgust, she put her hand up to her mouth as if she were shocked but withdrew them after i acclimatised to the war that was breaking out in my mouth. the bitter venomous taste passed away and went into some kind of himalayan salty phase, then saline, then something very peculiar. 
'i'm not sure what this is geoffrey, i've never tasted anything like it, it's gone from abysmally foul to indescribable.'
i pushed the goblet towards audrey. 
she sucked delicately through the straw and almost instantly threw her head back, 'ugghhh, that's awful!'
'let it pass,' i suggested.
her face relaxed, and then it must off hit her as her features began to look puzzled. 
i waited a few moments, 'what do you think?'
'it's like another planet, like that movie avatar, a place where dragons fly wild. i got glimpses of them, i saw octopus to, inky things lurking in darkness and i could feel an intelligence as they stared into me. it's not so bad, just somewhat alien and dark.'
we stared at one another, 'i prefer your drink,' i said. 'i don't wanna see dragons and tentacles.'
'i like dragons, but it was kinda h.p lovecraft.'
'ha, yeah a mad writer would have to figure somewhere in my drink.'
she laughed and looked towards another room.
'what's in there?'
'let's look, maybe it's dragon.'
we walked into the other room and saw a huge balinese hut with a ladder leading to a large double bed.
we both, hand in hand walked right up to the steps and i gestured for her to go first.
'are you frightened of dragons mr. mission?'
'not at all and if you like i'm happy to climb first, you will have to forgive my english manners, they are awkward.'
'ha, no looking up my skirt okay.'
'i can't make that commitment but i will endeavour to do my best.'
like a lithe agile serpent she seems to slither up the big bamboo ladder with me following.
when we do get to the bed it's massive, strangely deceptive dimensions and filled with pillows and ornate plush cushions.
i sprawl back and look at the stars above. 
'how does this work, the whole building is counter intuitive.'
audrey lays next to me, 'it's very intuitive if you let it be.'
i ponder her words, they seem filled with latent wisdom. 
after a while i whisper 'it's very comfortable audrey,' but i notice she is sleeping deeply.
i sink back and let the sleep pass through me in dreams.

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