Wednesday, December 10, 2014

and in her dreams she stood next the admiral. 
her father peered through the telescope at the black sail on the horizon. his face looked haggard after 3 years hunting the notorious victory and it's infamous captain.
'midshipman, prepare the crew for chase, they have the wind against them and we have the sun. move, all hands on deck, move!' he shouted.
the deck suddenly broke into activity as men scuttled about preforming their duties, sails were hoisted and the mighty ship suddenly picked up speed.
'father, will we catch them?'
'they have evaded three navy's for over ten years. they have stolen more gold imaginable, they spread heresy and are deemed the enemy of all mankind. these pyrates must be stopped in the name of all that's decent. you better get below daughter, it will be no place for any girl.'
'no father, i want to see these pyrates, i want to see this captain mission, i want to look into his eyes.'
the bird seemed to circle the ship, the pyrate ship victory was sitting there, the crew all sat cross legged as a figure in black read from a book, marcus aurelius. they were discussing his meditations, the captain was attempting to guide his crew through the philosophical process, logic, analytical and metaphysical truth. he was also giving discourse on eastern philosophy, and the taoist book of changes and the gita. 'one path leads to conquest of the external world, the other conquest of the internal, the west is by it's very nature trapped by it's science, for nature must yield to man, the east surrenders to the natural flow, for it knows conquering nature is folly, it is only the nature of ones own soul that can be conquered.' 
'captain,' someone shouts as they notice the sail looming up upon them. everyone rises quickly. they stare at the ship, 'it flies the jack.'
'there's no time for evasive manoeuvres, they are upon us.' the captain shares with his men, 'arm yourselves and let's see the measure of their captain.'
in the dream colours are vivid, faces hyper real, the tension rises, the senses dance like light upon the caribbean waters. the victory is tranquil, it's crew relaxed and confident, for they sail with a higher authority, around the ship dolphins leap out from the water. captain mission is feeding the macaw when the english vessel attaches itself to the victories starboard.
mission invites the admiral aboard, he arrives with two bodyguards for a soft confrontation.
'you must surrender yourself, your men and your vessel captain mission belong to the her majesties navy now.'
'we are free men, surrender is an individual choice but if i may speak for my crew i assure you they will not surrender their liberty to you.' 
'then blood will be shed.'
'you know as well as i we would be hanged upon surrender so your play is loaded. one could say corrupted for on board this vessel all are equal.'
'i am an admiral of her majesties navy, i will bring you in or sink you here.'
'you are a slave to your queen, a slave to your uniform, an ant in a hive.'
a fist swoops down hard upon the desk, the globe falls off and rolls across the floor. 'you know i was reading marcus aurelius to my men before you interrupted us, he said he who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. you admiral live out of harmony with the universe.'
'and you sir are a dead man.' the sword is drawn and pointed at the captains throat.
captain mission looks into the admirals eye and far away in deep space a sun sends a spiralling whip of flare out.
'you have a cancer that eats your body admiral. you are dying.'
'and before the cancer claims me i will have your head.'
'that may be so admiral but before you do, sit, drink tea with me.'
'a south american brew, i think you will find it quite unique.'
the admiral took a seat, he waved his hand towards his guards, 'leave us but send my daughter, and if anything should happen to us kill every one on this ship.'
'yes admiral,' they dart through the doorway, feet clomping on the wooden steps.
captain mission pours a thick liquid into a crystal glass, it's warm not hot and the admiral looks suspicious.
'it's slightly bitter but has a sweeter after taste, an acquired taste, please drink.'
the admiral picks up the glass, he sniffs the contents, 'it's unpleasant.'
mission picks his glass up and drinks it like he would a shot of rum.
'ahhhh... sweet vine, sweet vine how sweet you are.'
the admiral follows.
suddenly he leaps upwards, 'what necromancy is this!'
the captain remains seated. he watches the admiral's face flush to a red.
'relax, take some deep breaths, just relax it won't harm you at all, the tea will heal you.'
the words are spoken quietly, almost whispered yet contain an authority, 'this brew comes from within the jungle, it is something the native medicine men use for healing, it's very effective admiral.'
the admiral looks panicked but he can't move.
'i have no wish to harm you, the medicine will cure your sickness, you may be enslaved by your navy but you will be free from the cancer.
moments pass, captain mission watches the admirals face intently, he swings a bucket down upon the desk, and the admiral throws up into it. 'get it out of your body, it's okay, let it out. admiral, let it go.'
and out it comes, a discharge of thick black tar emitted in a volcanic eruption. he wipes his mouth clean and sits back, his pupils dilated, under the influence of some other intelligence.
he puts his head down upon the desk and weeps, images pass through his mind, occasionally he laughs, and sometimes he nods his head as though in conversation with an agreeable friend.
the captain reached into his drawer and pulls out a silver case, he opens it and starts to roll paper together. after a few folds, and deft lick he rolls a large cigar looking joint and strikes a match. as he exhales he hears the delicate footsteps descending.
time fractures the dream, she is surfacing now, hanging on to elements by a thread. of course, the admiral was cured, he capitulated and came to an agreement with mission, for his daughter it was love at first sight.
they sailed towards libertaria the sun sinking behind them, the captain knew there would be more ships coming, time was running out for him, it always did. but there would be many happy years before then, time to plan, time to think, time to love and maybe escape his fate.

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