Tuesday, September 23, 2008

we are on a mission.
cross town escort
to a cool looking south american god
who sits in the back of my car
smoking a cigar
and knocking back south american beers
telling me about his wife
and how they had stuck together
for years
in transit states
in rose coloured shades
in the heat of the moment
in the cold light of day

we listen to daniel lanois
haunting slide tones
sydney harbour bridge shut down
so we go under the ground
to the destination
where the points meet
in the silky sunrise
in the currents and tide
in the eternal expansion
and the waves we all ride
say hello to the genius who greets me with his family
i pass him the plant and a book
he is listening to music
but one song is dead
the other can dance
one is a man who has a strange beard filled with stars
the other a woman who sounds like a siren
but not from the cars

he calls his family and we all eat pairs.
he has beautiful girls
a beautiful wife
and i imagine quite a beautiful life
i talk to much,
last nights excess makes words generate
before i know what they really mean
they dance on my tongue
before they make their escape
but the genius listens
he asks me a question about the pain
i answer honestly
im afraid of the repercussion's
but i'm excited by the possibilities
i'd like to sit on the fence but don't have that heart
we talk a bit more and then i depart.

i meet my brother whom is so far removed from myself
yet he believes in god
the soul, the spirit and health
we wander around bondi with his girlf
she says my story was brilliant
we have coffee in a nice big book shop
i see three copies of 'house of leaves'
i want to buy them all
but i can't afford to.
i see a girl in a floppy hat
i could fall in love with her
for a moment everything balances precariously
then i drive back home to mission control
the next night i visit sue and simon
they feed me food from the gods
they offer to sponsor my artwork
i'm a bit overwhelmed.
this is something

my words
my music
my art

all coming together in some weird explosion
if ever there was a time for things to come together
it would be

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