Sunday, September 14, 2008

two lisas and i end up at a party on the plateau, where lisa one gets busted stealing crackers, for a moment she looks frozen in time, wondering what to do next to break the spell of being observed. she smiles, disarming everyone. it's a classic moment, one we laugh hysterically about later. lisa two and i talk about physics, she lived near CERN and tells me its got a cheap cafe filled with great conversations. she tells me about homeopathy and i talk about plant medicine. its not everyday i am in the company of two beautiful and bright young women. we hang out in a balinese garden, we have a biscuit carving competition. i create a battery hen. a woman accosts me in the kitchen telling me about how she knows my son. i just want to escape but i can't, i'm hemmed in. there's some chocolate cake going around, i make my escape, regroup with the girls, exit.

i finish the book neuropath by scott barker, it's disturbing but brilliant plot has left me feeling uncomfortable. the science in it is not far off and the theory is sound. all we are are brains and all the brains are are a giant brain and every thing else an illusion. love is a chemical response. pain and pleasure interchangeable, all spiritual experience can be recreated by playing with the brain.
what is meaning if not science.

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