Tuesday, September 02, 2008

took the deep fix cd down to fbi open day, met with the producer and mumbled a few words to him about the type of music i was making, err, trans dimensional, intergalactic tribal gospel punk with a bit of ambient electro boogie. anyways then i met with some people from music australia who told me about the a to z of the music industry from a business point of view, it was so strange hearing about insurance and all the different agencies you have to join just to freaking make music. anyways i did meet a great guy from an old sydney band called tall tales and true, he was a guitarist who is making soul music with his partner. i liked him a lot, really funny and kinda easy aura. anyways we are in this interview room when suddenly i'm tuning into the music they are playing on air, its painkiller, steves new cd. i run out of the room all excited, 'hey is this painkiller, steve kilbeys new cd?'
i asked hoping to have a look at the cover, but the faces at reception just look at me blankly and say 'have a listen to the dj when it finishes, which i do, but the dj makes no announcement. anyways i know who it is.

i return to the meeting room, where the people are talking about government grants, but i'm zoning out, i don't understand how an artist has to jump through all these hoops just to display their art, its so not what art is. the act of creativity is what's important to me. i tell the business people about the circumstances behind my head injury and how 'adventures' came in to be. everyone is really interested and amazed by the synaesthesia qualities i use in recording.

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