Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i attended the writers competition where i came second to a very mediocre and 'northern beaches' safe short story, filled with the bland and somewhat infertile pontifications about beautiful avalon and sunny pittwater. which of course it is but why write about the obvious, apparently the panel was torn about the winner. anyway i was disappointed but in the face of defeat the captain knows i am only made stronger. i did eat the biscuits and drink the complementary wine and scared the mayor of pittwater buy telling him i was a radical environmental terrorist with PETA sympathy's.
the whole evening could have spiralled into self indulgent depression were it not for the two lisa's calling me up and inviting me over to the home they are house sitting where i met with gravy in the kitchen. err gravy being a man and being somewhat an amazingly talented individual with a healthy and refreshing attitude, we spoke about strange things like neurology, bat viruses,magic carpets, musical inspiration while we listened to the smiths and elvis costello. i really enjoy hanging around these guys, great people, think i'm going to hang with them for a while.

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