Monday, September 15, 2008

in my other life, the one where i work at autistic central, i am surrounded by idiots, the ones without autism. the truth is nsw government bureaucracies are corrupt and nepotistic, they are not interested in the clients, they are only concerned with looking good, image and keeping the media at bay. one day i will expose them, one day soon.

the only way to be authentic is to be true to yourself, the only way to be true to yourself is to know who you are, the only way to know who you are is to experience the boundaries dissolve, because everything you think you know changes and the truth is revealed. everything is an illusion, our brains deceive us, they can't think about the process of thinking so it invented the mind and the mind is not the brain, what is it?
the mind is consciousness exploring itself.

science looks at everything in terms of quantity and function.
spirituality looks at quality and intention.
eventually both reach the same conclusion.
all you need is love
love is all you need

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