Monday, September 29, 2008

this morning time has slowed down to a gentle trickle, all things pass and i feel supremely fast but this is an optical and experiential illusion, a side effect. the mind plays tricks, it's played three on me since i awoke so therefore it plays hat tricks, in fact there was a rabbit in my hat that turned out to be a tortoise yet when i went to show it to my friend it was not there.
i went for my first swim in a long while. the ice cold water set my heart on fire, my skin reacted with shock and my mind wandered far away. under blue skies, perfect waves and my body floated like an jellyfish, soaking up sunlight, meditating on the void, the shock of the cold had sent me into suspended animation, my cryogenic existence a mere pulse in a landscape of deep blue. horizontal i left my body and floated away, visiting people i hardly know, serpentine and comfortable in my new state i weaved my way around their bodies and lives finding nothing i want except the desire to end. then my heart broke through and my day begun.
bumped into waynes world an old friend who once gave me a saucepan when i had nothing, a true friend, we spoke about a visit to india where i would like to visit certain parts especially the south and goa. he drove me into avalon where i played chess with lisa 1 and lost, she cooked me a fish salad and drove me home, we spoke about several different brands of ice cream and i recommended the best one i know, maggie beers burnt fig and caramel. divine.

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