Wednesday, September 24, 2008

do what you love
love what you do
the rest is just a side effect

i stuck the neuro feedback plug into my head and activated the switch, a computer screen kicked into operation before me, like a mirror. fractals danced upon the screen and moved in flux, some faster than others. the technique was to get some control of the patterns by controlling thoughts and contents of the mind/brain but this requires advanced meditation. i used the void technique and some electronic vibration music from a tibetan bowl assisted in focus.
slowly the shapes before me took form and merged into one fractal pattern, replicating the contents of my head in pure form.
stars exploded in the universe on my screen, planets formed, suns where born, life evolved, time expanded, relationships developed between these things, love was born. the fractal became a white pure energy. my body vanished, the computer vanished and the only thing left was bliss.

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