Thursday, August 28, 2008

olde captain mission had more acupuncture this morning, longer treatments, more currents, plus some zen meditation, i'm feeling revitalized and energetic, look out world.
dinner with val and his wonderful wife olga on tuesday, they are about to embark on a huge trip overseas so it was great to see them before they go. i really am feeling a huge connection with what val is doing at the moment with his projects, they intertwine with mine so well yet are very different. i spoke with him about my ayahuscia experiences, i'm not sure what he thinks about it but at least he's good humoured enough to listen.

i read 'light of other days' by arthur c clarke and steven baxter, interesting concept of a multi millionaire media baron a scientific type bill gates who invents along with his quantum physicist sons the ability to create wormholes that have cameras attached, resulting in global access to any event in space, society now changes its attitude to privacy as nowhere is private. then they discover how to send the wormholes through time, (only backwards) resulting in massive sociological changes in humanity. the story is quite brilliant because mr. clark and baxter support their theories with science although some is speculative. the story is set as humans discover a huge asteroid will impact the earth in five hundred years, the drama unfolds into a tragedy as the mad scientists true intentions are revealed. then there's an amazing post script to the story as the sons travel via wormcam back to the dawn of mankind.

entered a short story competition with a story called 'No Water'
i'll post it on the blog after i win the prize.

occasionally when i need to i always read from the Tao, it's really quite a wonderful inspiration to me, although i could never explain why or how it works , here's something i read from 365 Tao, Daily Meditations.
if you enter a long period of time in study and contemplation you will enter the tao. by doing so you enter a world of extraordinary perceptions. you experience unimaginable things, receive thoughts and learning's from nowhere, perceive things that would seem classified as prescient. yet if you try to communicate what you experience, there is no one that will understand you, no one who will believe you. the more you walk the road the further you are from ordinary society. you may see the truth but you will find people rather listen to politicians, performers and charlatans.
if you are known as a follower of tao people may seek you out, but they are seldom the ones that understand tao. they are people who would exploit tao as a crutch. to speak to them of the wonders you have seen is to engage in a futile bout of miscommunication. that is why it is said those that know do not speak.
why not stay quiet? enjoy tao as you will. let others think you are dumb. inside yourself you will know the joy of tao's mysteries. if you meet someone who can profit from our experience then speak and share. But if you are a wanderer in a crowd of strangers. it is wise to be silent.

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