Friday, August 15, 2008

actually william burroughs and alan ginsberg where both kinda looking at the same thing but from different angles. burroughs was from the west, ginsberg the east, both equally valid but only differing because the western school clings to the mind and therefore never stops thinking, the eastern surrenders and trusts, together both would make a healthy natural approach. think about, stop thinking about thinking, for a while.
i read once in a burroughs interview 'i write becuase i am filing reports.'
today i feel a connection to his words, why do i write? why does anyone write? to tell stories, to communicate, yet i have nothing to tell, only a strange insignificant life on a beautiful planet. my writing really has no meaning except i am driven to do it, like a weird therapy, or something for my son to read when i am dead and gone, and he wonders what kind of man his dad was. i don't know what type of man i am, i try hard to be better somedays and somedays i slide. Most of the time i'm just a man who lives with his dog.

i need a break from work, i'm feeling a bit lost, all the people i care about are moving away, like i need to move somewhere to, i like moving as it makes me feel alive and lately i have been staying still for to long, even just to get healthy would be an achievement. i need some time and space to gain perspective of all events, the HP mentioned Vippassina, which i feel may be the best option. if i could, i'd plant a veggie garden, something i have never done but i imagine would be rewarding.

hanging out with the High Priestess and my friend Liam who arrived out of the blue with his lovely mum, we journey, and things are revealed. i have often repeated the expression
i'm pretty sure it was einstien who said that but he never went on to define space. why would anyone.
now i have the other part of that equation, it was given to me in journey.
it's so elegant i think its the theory of everything.
time is gods plan to stop everything from happening at once and space is where that occurs.
the other information that revealed itself is that.

There were other personal stuff that came up, like the fact i need a break from work. i realize i am getting run down and my perspective is becoming damaged. stress has stolen my sense of humour so i immediately pay heed and cancel my shifts.

i understand that liam and the high priestess are really such special people, i feel drawn to just throwing it all in and learning everything i can from their mission. in fact their mission is my mission, suddenly another insight, ayahusicia is here. it has arrived and there is no stopping it, despite growing in south america australia is where ayahuscia's work will become manifest. this is the plan she weaves, through us.

i remember a dream i had many years ago, it was a wave engulfing avalon, i was at the beach with my friend some 10 years into the future, we sat outside the surf club drinking blueberry smoothies, there was a commotion down at the surf as we noticed a huge wave, maybe 30 ft, the surfers all rode it, some people stood at the shore and watched as it rolled in, from where we sat the wave broke and the water almost came to our feet, most spectators got wet and eventually things went back to normal, no one was hurt and all accounted for. then a few minutes the sun went out. i looked up and we noticed a huge wave, a wall of sea heading towards us over the horizon, panic. everyone run about like nutters escaping the inevitable, i run into the gym, loosing my friend in the pandemonium. i find myself confronted by Edwardo a south american chap i vaguely knew although not well, i knew he was a seafaring man. He says, 'you can't come in here, you have to be a member.'
I show him the wave and tell him to stand with his back to the wall, we both look around and see our fate, the wave wall travelling up the shore, overwhelming everything. i look at him, he will be the last person i see in this life. we both share this knowledge and there is a understanding that we will be leaving our bodies shortly. our eyes meet, the look is profound and its the last thing i recall, other than the devastation over avalon, the landscape changed profoundly, sand and mud engulf the village, its unrecognisable.

Edwardo, south american. Wave Ayahuscia. Death is the ayahuscia doorway we must walk through. the small wave was it's herald, me here now writing to you, the large wave was it's passing over civilization.
ayahuscia is here.

liam asked if i would assist in a ceremony he is running next week in melbourne. i feel i should go.

liam was passing through avalon with his mother, a fantastic lady who observed liam at work, and understood the ceremony very well, she was embracing and embraced, and her relationship with liam was amazing, a real inspiration. i need to do something similar with my mum, i feel estranged from her and ultimately im beginning to see that we both need to heal that.
liam has the same qualities as jesus, i could see the jesus imprint, he is yet to reach full potential, he will with the High Priestess guiding him. The High Priestess is the vine herself, i see how this works because the vine operates through me as well, it's a direct download.

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