Sunday, August 10, 2008

here's something wonderful.
a few weeks ago i introduced myself and a work colleague renatta, and our clients to our new neighbours, a young couple with two very young cute kids. anyways i mentioned we would invite them over for a cup of tea soon. well this evening i found myself working with renatta and suggested we follow through, so after dinner we made some tea and i scavenged some biscuits from various cupboards and popped over to bring in the new neighbours. now i can't think of any time that we have ever had visitors over, i mean the clients can be quite weird and people get easily freaked out by their behaviours. but tonight the five clients behaved impeccably and were amazing, really well mannered and conversational. the family were great to, interacting with everyone and really friendly.
gotta say that that makes everything so perfect, all the hassles and conflicts just pale into insignificance when events like this happen, the strange thing is it will never get noticed by anyone, never get documented in the files, no one will ever say 'well done' nothing will change except renatta and i know, and i guess like all important things this lives in your heart. a perfect moment.
anyway i don't usually ever talk about work but figured this was kinda monumental and worth sharing.

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