Friday, August 08, 2008

it's 20.08 (eight past eight in the evening) on the 8th of August 2008 so that makes it 8.08 on the 8th of the 8th 08. auspicious greetings to you all especially our chinese friends who probably won't be reading this as this blog is banned in china. it's the day of some big sporting event in bejing, the media is dominated with swimming people and shooters from the team. amazingly the pollution there is of no importance to these people. it's quite bizarre hat the world has sponsored a huge sporting activity in a city so polluted by industry visibility is almost zero.
i hate sports and sporting events, i don't mind but it's a massive over reaction to people who can throw row and run, race and generally compete against others of their ilk. what would make it interesting is if everything was performance enhanced. after all the super wealthy countries can use science and technology where the poor countries can't, so the level field is not really that level. lets just bust it open and let everyone use whatever drugs they need, lets use technology in all its forms and see what the human body can do with technology. then i'd be interested in the games.
anyway i'm off to the movies :)

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redgrevillea said...

yeah I agree, i just completely ignore it, life's too short to be engrossed in that stuff, i read in the paper yesterday that the opening ceremony was on last night. oh..