Saturday, August 09, 2008

never quite made it to the movies, in fact i gate crashed some friends who were eating dinner at a japanese restaurant and joined them for green tea ice cream, but as they left to watch chinese sporting activities on TV i was passed a glass of sake by two very beautiful girls who were sitting nearby, we chatted a while and i shuffled over to join them and engaged the couple sitting next to them, a young man and his wife. equally as beautiful in their own way. some how we found ourselves at their place on the plateau, drinking wine in this kinda nice new mexico type home, listening to great music i found myself enjoying the mans company, a very humble guy whom i was quite taken by. the girls giggled and played with the lucky puppies.
i made it home around 3am.
spent the morning frittering away my day, reading winters tale, the book that inspired 'this is the sea' it's so well written and rich in amazing prose, i love the way he has taken new yorks belle epoque and added this strange hint of something other dimensional, suddenly i'm hearing 'this is the sea' in a new light, remarkable.
of course my books are out of control, i need to read non stop for the next 6 months and thenm i may have cought up on my back log of reading. i'm looking forwards to reading some new sci fi i picked up and the new alister reynolds, house of the sun.

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