Sunday, August 03, 2008

‘emptiness,’ said the void, ‘is the only true bliss.’
‘well you would say that.’ said the forms.
‘it happens to be true.’
‘look you’re a sexy void but empty and therefore incapable of anything.’
‘i’m capable of bliss,’ said the void smugly.
‘well what is bliss any way, it’s another form of ignorance.’
‘nope,’ said the void, ‘bliss is bliss, ignorance is ignorance.’
‘mmm’ the forms said softly, ‘i think you are deceiving yourself.’
‘voids are incapable of self deception.’
‘then what is the purpose of a void?’
‘there is no purpose but to fill.’
‘fill what?’
‘the forms.’


lily was here said...

can you have half a void?

captain mission said...

once a void always a void.
in the meantime i was thinking about void jokes, for example.

q. what do you call a void that always walks away from you?
a. avoid.

q. what do you call a void with holes in it?
a. a holy void.

q. what's a void's fave philosophical book?
a. being and nothingness

q. what band do voids like best?
a. richard hell and the voidoids