Saturday, June 07, 2014

the warm spell banished as forty days of rain falls, the damp air keeps me inside, reading various texts, a little himalayan honey tea, some fresh lemons. 
the world outside looks washed out and cold, like a norwegian autumn i stay home for what seems likes weeks but it's probably just a few days, the phone don't ring, there's no sign of intelligent life anywhere. 
the reptile in my roof makes a scraping sound, the dog looks forlorn as rain falls, birds make a noise but remain hidden away. 
i play some tori amos, it irritates me, unlike kate bush whom has a certain grace about her. i do like tori but she's no kate in my book.
i end up watching a documentary on insects but i give up halfway through, i watch some politicians speak at the d day ceremony, i wonder if they will mention the 20 million russians that died, i doubt it. it seems crazy they fought that war to stop a totalitarian dictatorship that thwarted democracy and individualism, and then 70 years later formed the european union which is pretty much the same thing.
i fall into a soft sleep, dreams half form, faces leering from the ether. i drive into sydney, there's a break in the rain, the clouds form a lattice across the skies, no stars but it's clear.
there's no traffic. if an alien space ship were passing overhead now would be a good time to land. i watch the sky. no intelligent life here.

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