Wednesday, June 25, 2014

i mentioned in an earlier post i was involved in a legal case with a client i support, the beneficiary of a large sum of money. the family are squabbling over the cash and i got sucked in by my employer. but as i followed my brief, my boss didn't, she became envious and bitter that i was involved and she wasn't so she decided to feed the other side information, resulting in a massive legal breach and putting me and my client at huge risk.
she should have been removed but i guess they need to investigate further and decide what they want to do. it's bizarre that this situation developed, she only has herself to blame but the atmosphere i work in is hostile and volatile, lot's of stress.
this sort of stuff happens a lot, i'm envied by peers and bosses because i get on well with the clients and they like me. i was moved from one place i worked because i got on TO well with the clients and parents. the dept i work in is littered with personalities who are dysfunctional bullies. this seems to be the case all over australian society and i have said many times the economy would improve if managers actually knew how to manage rather than bully.
imagine that!

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