Saturday, June 21, 2014

human has been, failing at an unpredictable velocity, cutting tree and burning up the atmosphere, building stupid things, chasing dumb ideals, megalithic structures that have no intrinsic values, believing in all the wrong things, our dytopian future at the hands of the unimaginative control freaks who's vision is blurred by power games.
watching the warring factions hack each other to bits, watching the children being used as weapons in their war, watching some dumb stupid desert people squabble over imaginary lines in sand, kings and gods, watching the inevitable rise of stupidity.
the west has never understood the east, it's always made the same mistake, backing the wrong team, cultural relativity, dividing to conquer. the enemy of my enemy is my friend would work if the enemies enemy was your friend as well but even after 4000 years there are no friends, it's every man for himself. that's the law of mankind, survival through independence, default nature no matter what we aspire to. 
there must be a better way to live?
those cats in the amazon, hunting and hanging out in trees, drinking vine, watching the light and spaces between, star gazing friends, those cats know how to live better, safety in small numbers. 
their enemy is time, as it eats their home and strips away the nature. our enemy is stupidity, but alas, stupidity is everywhere, it drools off university lecturers and graduates, it falls from the tongues of commentators and experts, it's given away in fast food restaurants like plastic toys that get stuck in the throat of young children, it's emanating from tv, it's falling from the skies, it's hammered out in blogs, it's thrashed in chords and major sevenths, it's washed up on plastic beach islands, it's rotting brains, minds, imagination, hearts and spirits. we had the bronze age, we had the iron age, we had the space age, we had the technological age..and now we are smack bang in the middle of the stupid age! 

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