Friday, June 27, 2014

clive palmer just proved a point i have been writing about for years, he played the left wing media like a maestro, lulling them with his anti abbott persona, wooing them with his outrageous statements against the liberal party, courting abc hosts and audience until they heard with their eyes at the al gore debacle press conference where he pulled the plug on the carbon tax, the ets and let the clean energy act slip through. he had al gore take the hit, basically endorsing liberal policy, he had the sydney morning herald, the abc and the guardian all applauding him for his anti abbott stance and then two days later they begun to wake up to the reality of the facts.
the greens, labour and their apologists had no idea of what happened, they were under his glamour and here in lies the problem with theses journalists and so called tv commentators of the left. they do not know how to be journalist's or political commentator's they have been brainwashed. they have an ideology that they push even when it's proven to be a lie, and they all swallowed up palmers play because they hate abbott so much, the truth didn't count in the story.
palmer is a selfish oaf, but he is smart and he just won the game of thrones, giving the liberals exactly what they wanted. the clean energy commission will placate the greens and labour but the facts remain, palmer played them for a pack of fools.

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