Sunday, June 08, 2014

a dawn drive after the rain, sun blazing across the horizon, casting into shadow, indelicate contrast. the road is vacant as my module in cruise mode fly's along. i pass the huge rock formations, ancient stone, geology slow time intersects dream time, strange portals for the pineal gland. 
i pass the glistening sky, vivid blue vibration as i approach the excellent waterways, small town surrounded by water. people pass through stop to buy a drink, end up staying for years, lifetimes pass by in the blink of an eye. i myself a married man spent a few years with a nordic woman as my wife, her blue clear eyes and pale skin, her golden hair and ambient nature. the memory faded as the water passes, and the road curves uphill into fog.
where did that come from, a dense patch obscures all environment, now would be a good time for a song but the player is vacant, my car cleared of music. 
out of the fog i emerge, blasted by sun, a born again sun washes over everything as i turn off the freeway and into the bushland, where tall significant trees honour the boundaries. 
i turn into the small obscure road and see pan waiting for me in the sun. he's all knowing, super sensory. home is good, home is where i arrive.  

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