Tuesday, June 24, 2014

shot by both sides- magazine

no government on earth has it's own peoples interests at heart. governments have been corrupted by globalists agendas and the new world order and within a few years we will begin to see the technocrats dream of the cashless society emerge. then the linkage of credit to carbon, and then the surveillance of every single individual on earth. the grids are there already, of course this is sold to us in words that are digestible, 'sustainable, environmental, progressive and inclusive,' cos we all know language is a virus. these technocrats have it sewn up, the mass flux of ammunitions, just look at the shootings in sydney in the last few years, racial tensions escalate, fear propagated until the civilian requests more control for it's safety. and there you have it!
'but you asked us for it,' president joe says, 'you asked and i gave.'
the really scary truth is most good people will bring this upon themselves thinking they are doing the right noble thing, i mean who don't want to save the environment or not be a racist? 
the problem is information is manipulation, everyone has an agenda. the goodies are the baddies the baddies are the goodies and they make you chose a side.
that's the real problem.
anyway it's coming no matter what side you chose....

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