Sunday, June 22, 2014

my doctor says my health is excellent, he says the results all indicate i am in good condition but wants me to have further tests as being an old man now i am prone to certain weaknesses. i agree that it is possibly within my interest to continue with the medical model but warn him i will not take pharmaceuticals unless i'm in terrible pain. my stoicism makes him laugh.
i tell him about how arthritis medication assists bald people grow hair but seems to have no effect on the arthritis.
this is a recent example.
i tell him how all the skool shooters in the usa were on anti psychotic medication. 
it's weird as i normally don't advocate my own world view upon others unless its face book and there you can determine my attitude by what i don't post over as well as my posts. i don't like to spread fear and division, but at the same time can't ignore it completely. the natural response to the human condition is depression, i think we should acknowledge this, if you are in anyway sensitive or aware you will shed tears. but this in most cases seems to be treated with anti depressants, and i think this is wrong in principle.
it can be summed up by the antithesis in the statement, ignorance is bliss. for the truth is ignorance is ignorance, bliss is bliss. bliss must be worked for, it is discipline and mental yoga, it is impermanent. ignorance can share these qualities but tends to hang around a lot longer and kept under suppression by medication, consumerism, religious and political indoctrinations and various memes that drive us away from liberation, keep us trapped within the maya. 
i think there is a place for pharmaceuticals but it's far to powerful an industry, far to over used and far to insidious in it's unnatural nature. the whole industry seems to be based around stopping spiritual emergence more that stopping pain. if that's just a side effect i'm uncertain but it is a definite resulting condition.
i wonder if those buddhist monks get depressed?


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