Sunday, December 22, 2013

well what everyone wants to know is what happened to neptune duaghter who on occasion made me my date and banana smoothie known on terrigal as the 'date me.'
when i first met her i was new in town, i walked in and saw they do date smoothies, that's my fave so i said, 'date and banana smoothie please,' and she immediately said, 'a date me' only i heard 'date me.' 
well one part of my brain jumped out of the other part and just replied, 'that's all i ever wanted to do miss, i was born for this moment, i'll date you, i'll drop everything, to have a date with you.'
she just giggled and i swept her off her feet with my flirty skills i've started to channel from an eccentric bohemian part punk, part beatnik, part mystic jester and we lived on coconuts and love for ever and ever....'
but of course in the reality i actually inhabited i said nothing, i was dumbstruck. 

later i saw her she looked different and i was really distracted by her, what was it about her, apart from her body, her energy and her smoothies and that soft voice, i'd hardly spoken to her but i knew she was a beautiful spirit. 
i haven't seen her for a while. yesterday i realised why i was so drawn into her, she is the red head on my book cover, it's uncanny, next time i see her i'll be fantasising about us taking off in my space ship. 
it is incredible, that a red headed lady should pop up in my cafe looking like my book cover lady. all this time i thought she was neptune's daughter.
i'd like to say, it was dancing around on the edges of my mind for a while, she was so familiar yet i would have never have though about the front cover. weird stuff happens all the time but this seemed interesting, but it is my sad duty to report i have not seen her for ages, maybe she blasted off without me, left me stranded on this lovely planet.

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