Thursday, December 12, 2013

jonathan black has nailed it to, he gives very accurate descriptions of the other mystical ideas of  initiation into other dimensions and layers or emanations of the universe or multi-verse or god or whatever you wanna call it, whatever it is it does have vast intelligence and beauty and grace, lot's of love (hate is so stupid) and yes it has some terror and fear but those are just states that are based in dense matter. i hope when i die i take a cosmic approach, i'm certain i will, what a great joy you must hold in your heart, you have to let go of everything and follow the intelligence and beauty and love, the rest is a distraction, don't get me wrong, i'm easily distracted, usually by the females of the species, you don't have to be a scientist just meet your angels on the way, i guess, or at least taken some mescaline.

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