Monday, December 23, 2013

i'm on my own, just a bunch of ghosts to talk with, some animals that adopted me and some strange plants that i've managed to sustain and so when i was surfing this morning i returned to the cafe and there i lost my keys, fortunately someone there had found them and kept them for me. 
i'm reading 'latro in the mist' by gene wolfe, a book that really strikes a chord with me, i feel so close to the main protagonist.
a mercenary in the greek wars is struck upon the head and awakes to discover he can see and interact with the gods, only each night as he sleeps his memory is wiped (the mist), therefore he records everything on paper in a scroll.
gene wolfe himself writes the introduction as though he has found the scrolls himself and researched their authenticity. i feel very strangely connected with this character as he picks up strange poets and companions along the way, enslaved to various people he is on a quest to return home to those he will remember. 
it's a beautifully written book and establishes gene wolfe as a very accomplished writer despite me never reading anything of his before, he always came highly recommended and this is an exceptionally good read complete with a glossary of terms i can refer to when things get a bit complex with language and names of the age.

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