Friday, December 27, 2013

sometimes i drive home late, listening to some music, looking at the highway, looking at the stars, the shadows of trees, some weird wispy cloud formation, the light reflected off the water as i drive over brooklyn, yeah everything's still and the traffic sparse, just me and my music, my thoughts which seem to flicker across my mind, not many the closer i get home, they just get less and less, anxiety, stress, all leaves me and i'm just kinda vacant and at one with the road. when i turn left into my dead end street i stick on my full beam and look for pan who sometimes waits out the front for me. if he's there he turns around and runs down the hill and to the back garden where he knows i have some weird dog treat for him, but tonight he's not waiting, he's probably dreaming somewhere. i look at the other houses, most have xmas decorations, lights and santa's, deer and one place has an inflatable homer simpson holding a tray of doughnuts, which should annoy me but makes me laugh as i drift past and head down towards the end of the road. 
i turn into my drive and park, hearing the waterfall and my fish, the pocket of wildlife and plants teem with all sorts of strange noises, frogs and bugs, hidden away from plain sight.
i open my front door and check pan, he needs his treat and some acknowledgement, it's only fair. i usually sit with him a little but tonight i need to have a shower and wash away the day. 
later i light my candles and put on the kennedy and kilbey cd, 'songs from the real world,' i smoke my spliff and listen to this music. here's one of the songs, they are all brilliant. please buy this cd, it really is unique in its beauty.

each song really stands out, not one song that i don't love. 
end of a long hard day, perfect closure.

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