Sunday, March 21, 2010

so how should we live, this is the fundamental question one needs to address in their own lives.
the answer is simple. it is the duty of every one to escape their genetic imprints and meta program their own evolution, there are various ways to do this but i'd recommend the well trodden path of the native peoples, american indians, adopt the practise into life, never stray to far from the community responsibilities for this is the realm of formation where everything materialises. everything you experience is your creation, filtered through your judgements and values and morality. if your morality is inflexible and narrow your judgements will decrease your own perception, one cannot cling to the moral code of power and control, one has to embrace ones own power and ones own relationship to the universe. the magickal frame works of the west were mapped true by the most courageous of magickians, the true free spirits. they dared to think outside the square, travel down paths forbidden. they left their work for us to draw upon, and we should take heed. i followed their reality maps, i practiced their ideas and along with the ayahuscian experience and a mystical background formed my perceptions. these may be wrong but they work for me. that's all i need.
why is kabbalah an oral tradition, why is mysticism veiled in secrecy and the occult so strewn with land mines, it is a very dangerous path to travel without guidance. each generation passes this wisdom down, each individual attempts to come to some understanding of it, like a generational relay finally some one gets the baton and makes that run, i have the baton, it was given to me from my great grandfather and i have run with it. pass it forwards, live authentically, breath good. banish fear and embrace love.

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