Sunday, March 21, 2010

don't fear the reaper, life is about death, sooner or later you gotta come to terms with the fact you will die and make what ever preparations you have to. in my history i seemed to have many close encounters with death, like a ghost hunting me but never actually taking me, it was always there, even when i was born it was touch and go for six months, from that point onwards i was in it's shadow until i drank ayahuscia and died, wow many times over, through my past lives, over and over until this one where i received my answers.
the secret of life is death.
death is not the end, it is a change of energetic states. physical science dictates in law that energy cannot be destroyed, even through a black hole, therefore spiritual laws have some evidential truth when they say that the essence of your life lives on after death. even if your body decomposes and is eaten by worms and tree food your atonic structure is still there, it's state may have changed but it is there, as is your spiritual structure which if you have prepared well liberates you towards another level of existence. i have been privileged to see this state, it's the sea of potential where all is known, like a bed of quanta and ocean, at peace, no desire, no need, nothing yet everything. it's bliss.
however nothing forced me into life more than this knowledge, live each moment, enjoy every thing, loose your fear and rejoice in the dance we are in, the gift of creation. i may be a jaded old fool but i am equally at peace with my creations, embracing the magickal elements that i have mastered and the ones i have not. my body needs work, i need to discipline myself, i carry around a lot of fat i need to shed, my diet needs addressing, no more ice cream, no more fatty foods, it's exersise everyday, yoga, swim and walking. these are my tasks.

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evan said...

hey captain
sounds like you've emerged through the wormhole intact. well done. all is fine back here in avalonia. nothing much to report although we all miss your aura around the village . enjoy your travels & your family of humanoids.