Friday, March 19, 2010

it is not until the cactus spirit is transferring into the matrix that max glimpses the cactus spirit is in fact female, that the form is indeed quite pleasing to his eye, lithe and elfish with a cheeky sparkle in her eyes and a look of recognition shared, an instant that speaks volumes and had a certain gravity.
the cactus spirit shares it to.
time freezes, dissolves, pops, everything distorts momentarily but as reality reassembles it’s changed. max finds his hand reaching out towards the spirit, it grabs her hand and she in turn reaches towards him.
‘roxy.’ he says.
‘max’ she whispers as the matrix seals itself. joseph achillies is moaning on the floor, he is disorientated and requires attention, he looks to max pleading for answers.
‘what the hell is this?’
‘who are you?’
‘mr achillies i am max, i have been assigned the task of protecting you, please don’t worry, i will return you to your office soon. you have just had a difficult experience and you need to rest.’
‘difficult experience, i want an answer. what the hell am i doing here?’ he’s attempting to stand up but he’s a bit wobbly.
max has been through this ritual many times, he strides over to joe and prods his forehead, joe looks stunned and amazed, then his eyes close and he falls down.

on the plane trip back home max processes the events, he holds roxy in the matrix field in his wallet. this is basically an energetic sigil represented by the intention, and traps forms in two dimensional space. he considers the implications of the revelations, roxy is the character from his book and it seems he is her partner, the scientist.
he thinks about the kabbilistic terms and representation. all creation is the part of god that has the divine spark, all life contains this. the ultimate being is separated from his creation, his wife, the only way to unite them is through love, or at least acts of love. these acts are measured in the heart.
the emphemeral plus the mushrooms would have caused a glitch in the dimensional walls, leakage perhaps, or some strange spillage, certain levels of realities reveal themselves, certain patterns are manifested and certain enlightenments are gained. things do get twisted and turned and or untwisted depending on how one sees.
he reached into his bag and pulled out the book. ‘the bubble gun.’
flicking through the pages he already read he finds his place in the narrative and settles into his seat.
the scientist is in despair, yet he is also a scientist so somewhat pragmatic, he cannot travel backwards in time but he can certainly love his creation, it is after all in essence roxy. she exists in everything in this universe. so he begins to care deeply for his universe and although he intervenes occasionally he knows that roxy is free to discover who and what she is and eventually how to get back to him.
this takes an eternity. during which the professor explores and cares for his creation, sending messengers into it, sending signs and symbols of guidance and hope, some of the creative elements have discovered that he exists, they fight and squabble amongst themselves but some are unconditional devotees who in their own private way love him and her, this creates sparks within creation that send energetic bolts through the time and space across the dimensions and reconnect roxy with himself. it's not much but it's a start.
eventually after a few eons the whole planet begins to awaken, the single cells are actualised, self aware and egoless they take their place in the whole, knowing a kind of blissful peace and exulted state. thus bringing union closer.
max closes the book and orders a vodka.

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