Monday, October 20, 2008

yoga is the best thing i have done in the last 5 years. it's saving me from decay and stagnation,in such a short amount of time i feel so much better. i'm still really poor when it comes to the asanas and breathing, but i try and reach my limits. the instructors know i have had broken bones and assist me giving me props. the guy today said he recognised me from avalon, he said he met me once and he would be happy to teach me to become better. i want to be better at yoga. i can feel it in my soul, something familiar and something my body thanks me for afterwards.
i have always meditated, magickal work requires meditation, focus and visualization. i have a good mind, but my body lags behind.
it's time to purge and time to cleanse, it's time to become.

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redgrevillea said...

I did one yoga course years ago. I didn't really get much out it at the time. It was a relatively difficult brand of yoga, 'astansa' or something like that. At the end of the course the instructor told me the same words you just said...i've got a quick mind but my body has not caught up... I didn't really feel like going back to it.

And yet now I'm attracted to the idea of doing Bikram, partly because of the nice brochures and that there is a branch locally to me. I've a friend who does it and she's given me one of her spare mats. I will give it a go - 38 degree heat etal - and see where it leads. I'm looking forward to it. I plan to commence mid-to-late November.

I've been told yoga stimulates the organs. As a reversed diabetic who wishes to keep the insulin pumping and the cells receiving, this is a very good thing!

Much respect, rb.