Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i'm very tired of all this bullshit, really it's getting me down. lisa 1 rings me up and asks if i want to have dinner. i decline stating melancholia but lisa 1 is persistent and offers to shout me dinner. i have no will power, im thinking to myself i should just stay home and read but lisa 1 insists. so she picks me up and we drive south, i wonder where she's taking me.
'somewhere special she says.'
i tell lisa 1 about my awful week and then i start to rave about how fucked everything is.
around neutral bay a siren starts sounding and we have to pull over.
lisa gets busted for not having rego.
ironic, fate, coincidence, destiny, synchronicity , i dunno, just plain bad luck x2 i guess.
we end up at papaya a thai place in neutral bay, the best restaurant i have ever been to this side of the bridge. its amazing. we eat banana leaf salad which is prawns, and crunchy stuff and then special fried rice which has pineapple, king prawns and things served in a scooped out pineapple. amazing food and cheap.

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